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    1. Witmodel: All references such as Witmodel, we, company, proprietor, etc. throughout the text defines Witmodel Yazılım Danışmanlık İletişim ve Ticaret A.Ş.

    2. Website: Defines all websites owned by Witmodel, especially

    3. Program: All program, extension, plugin, desktop program, desktop software terms used throughout the text define the software running on desktrop developed by Witmodel which can be downloaded from

    4. User: Defines the website visitors who use the website but have not become a member and have not logged in even if they have downloaded the program.

    5. Member: Defines the natural or legal persons who are included in the Witmodel membership registration system through the website or program and use it free or paid.

    6. Model: Throughout the text, 3D Model, product, model, content, program contents all define the 3D designs that have been created through any platform or software that produces 3D software.

    7. Copyright: All expressions of copyright, intellectual property, design right throughout the text refer to intellectual property rights protected in the context of Turkish Law and international law.

    8. Trademark Right: Throughout the text, all trademark, sign and logo expressions refer to the trademark right protected in the context of Turkish Law and international law.

    9. Subscription System: In the context of the system created by Witmodel, it defines the system where the members who make monthly or annual payments are registered and the payments are tracked.

    10. Subscriber: Defines the members who pay for registration in the Witmodel subscription system.

    11. Free Usage: Defines the free use of the system within the framework of the conditions determined by Witmodel.

    12. Professional Use: Refers to the type of use made by natural persons who pay within the framework of the conditions determined by Witmodel.

    13. Corporate Use: Refers to the type of use made by legal entities by making a payment within the framework of the conditions determined by Witmodel.

    14. License: Refers to the license rights of the website, desktop program and all the content in the program content developed by Witmodel in the context of intellectual property rights.

    15. Termination: Describes the event when that the agreement does not take effect between the parties in the context of Turkish Law and international law.

    16. Integration: Means running the content by establishing a technical connection between the applications developed by Witmodel and other program.

    17. Prevention: Refers to the elimination of the possibility of accessing the system by retaining records such as e-mail, IP, Mac, integrated software subscriptions, phone number.

    1. Guest User: Individuals who access the website, download the desktop program, but are not members of the site.

    2. Free User: Members of the Witmodel website who may use 3 content per day through the desktop program without paying any fee.

    3. Professional User: Natural persons who use the system by signing up to the Witmodel subscription system and making monthly or yearly payments.

    4. Corporate User: Legal persons who use the system by signing up to the Witmodel subscription system and making monthly or annual payments.

    1. Witmodel declares and accepts that the website is up-to-date, that it complies with the laws, that it has a secure payment system, and it has the license right of the website as well as program content and models.

    2. Users and members declare and undertake that Witmodel is the licensee of the program and contents, that they will not access the program contents through other software or methods such as cracking passwords, that they will not sign up to subscription system of Witmodel without making payment, that they will not share the contents for which Witmodel is the copyright holder with anyone by any means, that they will not use it as more than one person by purchasing mutual accounts.

    1. Witmodel is the copyright owner and licensee of the website and the software.

    2. Witmodel is also the copyright owner and licensee rights of all models in the website and software content.

    3. Individuals who access the models by paying or not paying Witmodel will not have acquired the copyright of the models.

    4. Models may be subject to Commercial Use, provided that they comply with the terms of use and the rules under the membership agreements.

    5. In case the models and similar contents in Witmodel is obtained through payment, the user will only have the copyright for use. They may not distribute, reproduce, copy, publish, sell to other model platforms.

    1. Individuals accessing the models and content through the Witmodel website or desktop program may not distribute the models on other platforms, publish them, share them with free users outside the website, or reproduce them separately or as a whole.

    2. An individual who accesses, distributes, publishes or sells the models in violation of the terms of the agreement will be prevented from the system. His/her account is closed, legal remedies are sought for the compensation for all damages, and all payments made are seized provided that the damages are compensated additionally. The prevention continues so that the individual does not sign up as a member again.

    3. Individuals who make payments for Witmodel subscription system with cards that do not belong to them or who access the system by hacking are prevented from the system. Necessary complaints are made to legal authorities about these individuals.

    4. It is prohibited to integrate the Witmodel desktop program with broken, cracked software. In case Witmodel is damaged due to such use, the user is prevented from the system and the necessary legal processes are initiated.

    1. In the event the user does not comply with the terms of the agreement, Witmodel may terminate the contract without any notices, may prevent the relevant user or may prohibit the user from logging into the system.

    2. Individuals may terminate the agreement and leave the system at any time by leaving the website and clearing cookies, removing the desktop program and deleting files. Members may similarly terminate this agreement after terminating the membership agreement.

    3. Witmodel may close the system for access temporarily or permanently for any reason. On condition that the members’ tangible rights are reserved, users may not claim to Witmodel on the grounds that they have suffered damage due to the system and desktop program do not run.

    1. In case users violate license and copyright against Witmodel or third parties by using Witmodel, legal and criminal action will be taken for compensation for damage. In this process, the user may be prevented from the system temporarily as well as permanently.

    2. If users commit crimes against site administrators, employees, customer service officials or other members and third parties via Witmodel’s platforms, Witmodel will notify or complain to the necessary legal authorities.

  8. SCOPE
    1. These terms of use include Witmodel’s website, desktop software and all similar websites and programs that it announces as its own.

    1. The current version has been published on /…/2022, and the right to make changes is reserved by Witmodel.